On Wednesday 22nd March a group of 14 year 5 students visited Barrs Hill secondary school to take part in an athletics competition. The events ranged from running over short and long distances, different types of jumps and different throwing events. Each child ran twice and had at least 1 field event.

The students performed magnificently well, and came 2nd on the day. They were presented their medals by Coventrian David Moorcroft OBE, a former athlete himself. Special mention goes to Elham and Redir who received an award for “athlete of the day”.

Well done to all the students who took part, they really did their best and most importantly enjoyed their visit. Thanks too go to the Barrs Hill secondary school staff and students who helped plan and run the event, and made it a great time for everyone. We look forward to seeing you again in the future.

16 responses to “Year 5 Athletics at Barrs Hill”

  1. Madeeha T.

    Well done

  2. Ayaan M.

    Well done

  3. Aalya H.

    Everyone did amazing in the athletics group everyone did so good and everyone trygd there best for each class good job to everyone

  4. Zahra D.

    Well done from Zahra D Tipian Ayan

  5. Hanfaa N.

    I had a lovely time it was fantastic. Thank you Mr Rawlings and Mrs Frankish for making this happen. Next time I hope we get in first place. Well done everyone we all tried our hardest!🥳

    1. Head Teacher

      You did really well, stand tall and be proud!

  6. Tana I.

    This is something I will never forget

  7. Miski M.

    Well done everyone. This was an amazing experience and it was so fun. Thank you Mr Rawlings and Mrs Frankish for letting us go to an event which was a great opportunity to enjoy ourselves. Congratulations to athletes of the day!

    1. Head Teacher

      So pleased you had a fabulous time.

  8. Eman

    Well done everyone I hope we come first place next time and we’ll done Elham and Redir for being the athletes of the day

  9. Hasbia D.

    Well done to athletes of the day and well done to everyone.

  10. Ali A.

    Well done everyone.

  11. Sania K.

    Congratulations everyone for your hard work yesterday.

  12. Tana I.

    Congratulation red school well done. Well done blue school even though you are last.
    Well done to broad heath (us year 5)

  13. Tana I.

    This was so fun but so tiring at the same time.Thank you hasbia for taking my place.
    ALSO thank you Mr rawlings for taking us to the competition.Thank you our spanish assistance for being with us.More importantly thank you Mrs frankish for letting us go.Thank you Barrs Hill teachers for supporting us.

    1. Head Teacher

      Glad you had so much fun!

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