School is back open on the Tues 4th June.

Creating Fantastic Floating Gardens by 3Blue!

Today children created and designed floating gardens. They had an amazing time during the creative process part of things and cut out their own plastic bottles. We collected leaves, placed seeds and tested if they could float on water ~ which they did!
All children enjoyed their Science lesson today and have learnt a lot about how the gardens float and are in amazement that Bangladesh is home to a world full of floating gardens. Well done to all children today 👏 for all your efforts and superb work and enthusiasm.

6 responses to “Creating Fantastic Floating Gardens by 3Blue!”

  1. Yusuf S.

    It was interesting to make floating gardens out of water bottles!

  2. Mrs Farooq

    Wow what an amazing lesson we have all had! You all did a super job creating your own floating gardens. You all showed really good understanding and used scientific key terms well. Well done 3 Blue 👏 😊

  3. Sami J.

    You all made such good floating gardens🏆🥇

  4. Chavi L.

    22/03/2023 / 4:32 PM
    You all made such good floating gardens🏆

  5. Simeongeya W.

    Greater job everyone

  6. Minnah M.

    You all made such good floating gardens🏆

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