Year 5 Autumn 1 Week 1 Homework

Hi Year 5!

Here is your homework for this weekend. You need to complete at least two pieces by Wednesday at the latest. If you have any issues with the homework, you must tell your teacher about it on Monday morning. (This week, that will be Tuesday morning, due to the bank holiday)


Practise your times tables. Use TTRS. When you are confident, there is a game set on Education City. You must complete the Education City game for your maths homework to be logged as complete.


Find an example of a newspaper report. Annotate it for the features we have been looking at this week.

  • Headline
  • Byline
  • Orientation
  • Eye Witness Quotes
  • Expert Quotes
  • Reorientation

A great example of an age-appropriate children’s newspaper is First News.


Research what clothing and fashion was like in the 1960s and use that information to design your own 1960s outfit.


  1. English
    Fearsome flood
    By jamaal
    A terrorist attacked the city of London in UK on the 24th of November 2022.because they got angry by the new king.
    Eye witness quotes
    When I was on the roof I saw some people laughing about the attack so I think the had something about it.
    Expert quotes
    As you can see we have suspected the 2 people that the eye witness has said right now they are in court.
    Those two suspects have been sent to prison because the where part of the terrorist attack and told the rest of the plans to the police.

  2. Maths:
    I got 23/25 in Education City
    Headline: Queen Elizabeth II funeral
    Byline: The funeral of the long lasting Elizabeth II.
    Eye witness quotes: “Today on this remarkable day, the long lasted reign of Our Queen Elizabeth II has came to an end”
    Expert quotes: “Some say she died from age, others say she died from sickness. It is most likely she died from age, a a very good age”

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