Hi Year 5!

Here is your homework for this weekend. You need to complete at least two pieces by Wednesday at the latest. If you have any issues with the homework, you must tell your teacher about it on Monday morning. (This week, that will be Tuesday morning, due to the bank holiday)


Practise your times tables. Use TTRS. When you are confident, there is a game set on Education City. You must complete the Education City game for your maths homework to be logged as complete.




Find an example of a newspaper report. Annotate it for the features we have been looking at this week.

  • Headline
  • Byline
  • Orientation
  • Eye Witness Quotes
  • Expert Quotes
  • Reorientation

A great example of an age-appropriate children’s newspaper is First News.


Research what clothing and fashion was like in the 1960s and use that information to design your own 1960s outfit.

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