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Year 5 – Los Numeros 1-100

We have been learning the numbers 1 – 100 in Spanish.

Next week I will challenge you to count up in multiples of 10s, 5s and 2s in Spanish!

To prepare you for this I have added some videos on the blog so you can revise the numbers and be ready for next week!

Can you count in multiples of 2s, 5s and 10s – show me on this blog by writing them down!


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  1. 2s
    Cinco,dies,quince,veinte,veintecinco,treinta,treinta y cinco,cuarenta,cuarenta y cinco,cinuenta

  2. 5 time table
    Cinco,Deiz ,Quince ,Veinte ,Veinticinco,Trenta ,Trenta y Cinco ,Cuarenta ,Cuarenta y Cinco ,Cincuenta .
    10 time table
    Deiz ,Veinte, Trenta,Cuarenta Cincuenta ,Sesenta ,Setesta Ochenta Noventa ,Cien.w

  3. Counting in 2s Spanish
    Dos, quatro, seis, ocho, dies, doce, quatorce, dieseseis, diesocho, veinte, vientedos, vientequatro, vientiseis, veinteocho, trienta.
    Counting in 5s Spanish
    Cinco, deis, cince, viente, vientecinco, trienta, trienta y cinco, cuarenta.