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Year 5 Portfolios – Autumn 1 2022

Hi Year 5,

Here is a recap of your learning this half term. You have all made a great start to Year 5 and all gained. Please share this blog with your adults. Comment on how you have gained and progressed this half term and what you hope to achieve in Autumn 2.
Have a fabulous holiday. See you in you Autumn 2 – Mrs Jones, Mrs Diaz and Mrs Habib



History & Geography



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  1. I have gained by using my knowledge to round numbers up to 100 and by making a plan to write a newspaper report all I want to improve is by going into further detail in my writing

  2. I have gained in knowledge and I have made progress this half term because I know how to use estimation or rounding to find an approximate answer of the sum and I know what the features of a sci-fi story is. I would like to learn more facts in Autumn 2.

  3. I have watched all the videos and shared the videos with my parents . I have gained by learning the Roman numerals in maths and using powerful words in English.