Greeting Year 5, here is a round up of our learning for Spring 2. What did you enjoy the most? How did you make progress?
Enjoy your holiday and can’t wait to see you in Summer 1!
Mrs Jones, Mrs Diaz and Mrs Habib



History and Geography


4 responses to “Year 5 Portfolios- Spring 2 2023”

  1. Romeesa T.

    I enjoyed learning about percentages and decimals because I learned that 50% is not a percentage and that 100%is a percentage.

  2. Hasbia D.

    I enjoyed learning about the Hobbit and writing our own fantasy story. Also I enjoyed learning about percentages and decimals. I have learnt how to convert a percentage into a fraction and a decimal.

  3. Tipian I.

    I have used my knowledge value to create the hobbit story with so much detailed language.
    I already know much about decimals and fraction and I have gained more with green stamps.
    History and geography
    I’ve been to the canal so much times that trip was a great exercise.
    My work of rivers is fabulous and I have completed to carry on with this.
    Plants are amazing to see how they grow and more.
    The life cycle,e of different incects and mammals are unusual in a good way like unique.

    I have continued to gain my next target is to keep my HANDWRITING in place.
    Have a great holiday.👌

  4. Mohammed W.

    I enjoyed doing percentages.
    I have made progress because I have learnt to compare fractions,decimals and percentages

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