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Year 5 – Spanish cafe food request

Year 5, you have been learning how to order food in a café or restaurant, in Spanish AND we are doing really well.

Next week on Monday, we would like to set up a café scenario where the Year 5 pupils will be invited to order a drink and have biscuits or cakes in Spanish.

Could all the children please bring in one packet of biscuits or cake/cupcakes for this session. This would be greatly appreciated. I will provide all the tea, coffee and squash.

13 responses to “Year 5 – Spanish cafe food request”

  1. Mrs Kiani

    Thank you to all parents who sent in packets of biscuits, cupcakes, doughnuts and many many more with their children. This was greatly appreciated and it ensured all children participated in the activities as you were so generous with your contributions! Muchas gracias!

  2. Myiesha S.

    I am bringing cupcakes on monday.

  3. Mopelola L.

    Thanks for the info i have brought stuff already

  4. Robyn B.

    i will trighy

  5. Manha S.

    I am going to make sure that I am going to bring a pack of biscuits…

    1. Mrs Kiani

      That will be great!

  6. Anaya R.

    I have informed my mum

    1. Mrs Kiani

      Thank you.

  7. Miss Akhtar

    This sounds so exciting! Can somebody teach me how to order food in a café or restaurant in Spanish, please.

    1. Mrs Kiani

      The children will be able to share their learning with you. We will put a blog up about their conversations when ordering food as well after the session.

  8. Alima S.

    Cab parents come?

    1. Mopelola L.

      I don’t think parents can come Alima as it is still at school.

      1. Mrs Kiani

        This event is for the children during school time…perhaps in the future we can look at inviting the parents, but this time it is just for Year 5 pupils.

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