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Year 5 – Sports and hobbies

Hola Clase! Year 5 children have been learning the key vocabulary for sports and hobbies and then have been sharing their opinions about these in Spanish.

Can you now share your likes and dislikes for the sports and hobbies that you have learnt within your Spanish lessons on the blog – remember to give reasons…’porque’

GD – Can you also describe some sports in Spanish and we will try to guess which sport it is.

15 responses to “Year 5 – Sports and hobbies”

  1. Liliana S.

    Well done ❤️‍🩹

  2. Madeeha T.

    Me gusta nadar porque es fantastico.
    No me gusta futbol porque es aburrido

    1. Mrs Kiani

      I’m glad you like swimming Madeeha, it’s really relaxing!

  3. Manha S.

    Me gusta montar en bici y correr,porque es fantastico.
    No me gusta nadar, porque es dificil.
    No me gusta futbol, por que es aburrido.

    1. Mrs Kiani

      What a long list Manha ! With practice swimming will become easy! The activities you like are very good for your health, good exercises!

  4. Amina J.

    me audio monta en bici porque es dificil

    1. Mrs Kiani

      Do you mean, ‘Odio montar en bici porque es dificil’? If you keep practicing, you will one day learn to ride a bike Amina! Never give up!

  5. Amina J.

    No me monta en bici porque dificil

  6. Amina J.

    Me encanto leer porque es facil

    1. Mrs Kiani

      Me too! Also because it’s ‘interesante’.

  7. Aiza B.

    Me encanta gimnasia,bicicleta y bailer porque es facil.
    Me odio Hockey sober hielo porque y pescar es aburrido

    1. Mrs Kiani

      You can start with the word, ‘odio’ without adding the word, ‘me’. Lovely list of activities! For riding a bike, it’s ‘montar en bici’.

  8. Mrs Kiani

    Excellente Yahya y Afsa! Spell check…abburido

  9. Yahya K.

    Me gusta futbol porque es fantastico.
    No me gusta nadar porque es dificil y aburrido.

  10. Afsa P.

    Me encanto nadar y gimnasia Porque es estupendo.
    Me odio footbal y judo porque aburrito.

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