Year 5 Reading Challenge

Hi Year 5,

Earlier in the year, you wrote a first person recount from the short film “La Luna”. Your challenge is to write a similar piece (a recount written in the first person (I/me) ) but from the perspective of different characters.

We would like to see all the amazing progress you have made this year so show off your skills! In your writing: expanded noun phrases, figurative language, advanced punctuation, interesting sentence openers, Action + Description + Dialogue . In your reading: using your inference skills, making suggestions about a character’s feelings and behaviour based on what you can see, understanding the relationship between the characters.

Watch the film and then plan and write your piece:

Bronze Challenge

Write a first person recount from the perspective of the little boy.

Silver Challenge

Write a first person recount from the perspective of the father.

Gold Challenge:

Write a first person recount from the perspective of the grandfather.

Impress us!

11 thoughts on “Year 5 Reading Challenge

  1. Gold
    On a cold, breezy night me my son and my grand sun went to work.
    Then , I gave my grand son a little flat cap it really suited him the way i put it on his head but then my son changed the way then we had an argument.

    My best part was when we worked together to shape shift the moon with the Stars and we got it done quickly. It was all because of my delightful grandson.

  2. Gold
    I cant believe my eyes, when my son asks me to help him go and sweep up the moon, I am devastated . I gave him a hat but then my son changed the way he wore it . I was so frustrated so I let my grandson climb up the dusty, brown ladder first . Then, we went up and the second we got up there, I was fighting with my son again with how my grandson should sweep the moon with. A broom or a mop. Obviously he would choose a mop but because that grandson of mine was so delicate and kind, he couldn’t even choose. Suddenly , a massive shooting star came and landed on the moon. We all ran and hid somewhere. Then we tried to pull it off but it was too strong! It was so bright and shiny, I was nearly blind. It was such a good star, I didn’t think that anyone in the world could do it, but my grandson had other ideas. He ran and brought a chisel and started to climb his way up . My grandson had a few attempts but he just couldn’t do it so I gave him a rope . My grandson had made a almighty jump and had landed on the star, all he had to do now was to try and break it . He used all of his might and then…
    He had actually broken it and we were all happy. We all climbed down and started to row home on the aqua, blue sea.

  3. I felt happy for my grandson coming with us to the moon. I felt so excited giving him the cap. I put it up so he could be like me. Then my son puts it down. I just hate it when he does that. After, the moon came up and my grandson felt amazed because the moon was massive. We gave him an anchor so he coukd plant it on the moon. My grandson climbed up the ladder to the moon. As soon as he got on the moon, we climbed up. My son got the tools out and we started to sweep. My son gave him the modern brush and told him how to use it. I gave him the old fashioned brush to use. Me and my son argued a lot.

    We saw a colassal star coming down. When it had reached the ground we didn’t know whatg to do with it. So we were thinking of a decision. Meanwhile, my grandson got a hammer and went to the top and smashed the star. It came out withn little stars. We moved the little stars to make a crescent.

    A few miuntes later, we came off and saw the moon. It was a crescent!

  4. I always wanted to take my son to the moon to sweep up stars.My dad always had to ruin thing when I and my son went to sweep up the stars. I wish he was out of the way and it was just me and my son it would of been so much better than going with my dad.

    He wants my son to be like him when he is my son.When I gave my son a hat he wore it then my dad changed it how he wanted it.IT’S JUST NOT FAIR HE ALL WAYS GETS TO CHOOSE.

  5. I always wanted my little grandboy to be like me so when we had the opportunity to go and sweep all of the stars on the moon I was really happy.I gave my grandboy a hat and when I told him to put his hat on and then his father that is my son always tells him to take his hat off we always fight.When we reached the moon my grandboy started sweeping straight away I was really happy but he was doing it wrong he was hitting them instead so I showed him and he got it straight away.then of course his dad has to ruin everything but we got over it then a big thing happend it was a big earthquake we hid in a little hole and when we got up there was a big star and when we got out of the web by hole my son gave his son a hammer and off he went with and in 3,2,1 and a big eruption happend with stars I will never forget that day.p.s I did the gold challenge.

  6. gold
    i did this to show my son how to work so he does expirience what happens like brushing moon with the stars all over the place. when i used to do this and tell him of when we were saling in the electric blue sea . but i was actualy shocked when the big thing fell on the floor and we did not know what it is so hided behiend our dirty,dull shed.the big star was so big that i as an old person got very angry because i did not know how to cleen the star up. till my old son who will know who wil be very good when he grows up climed and brocke it to pieces.

    i will never ever forget that day

  7. One gloomy night me and my grandson were sailing the deep,blue sea my grandson spotted a mysterious planet filled with stars . I called my dad but he was to busy arguing with my grandpa about a hat and which way it should be facing . The choices were up or down . I went up a ladder and stepped onto the shining planet . I couldn’t believe my eyes it was spectacular .

    Suddenly I saw something amazing shoot pas the corner of my eye . I got scared and jumped into a tree log . Then I saw something was glowing . Just then my grandpa realised I was missing and saw the stairs that reached to heaven . They went up the stairs and also couldn’t believe there eyes it was magnificent . While, they were staring s like something scary was on the floor I jumped out my hiding space out into the open air where the stars lay.

    When I went to the star it shimmered and I realised it must have fallen from the sky and went to pick it up but it wouldn’t budge so I got my hammer .my dad and grandpa looked as if I was from mats and I was a marshan . I smashed the star of the ground and threw it in the air as I did my grandpa looked into the air as if fireworks were shooting up . The end

  8. One dark night, we were travelling through the navy blue sea. I had a present. I opened it and it was a hat. Father and Grandpa were fighting because they wanted the hat to be up or down. I got angry. So father put my hat down and went to sleep. Then the moon came out it was so bright. ” WOW. The bright moon” I said.So me ,grandpa and father woke up because the moon came out. So father wanted me to go on the moon . So I went onto the moon .There were lots of stars on the moon. I was cleaning while then a gigantic star came. I knock it and went to get a hammer and sat on the star.Then I hit the hammer on the star and we started to clean up.

  9. One dark,gloomy night we were travelling across the smooth,calm sea.Then I had just remembered about sky-blue wrapping paper and it reminded me to give my Grandson something that is for fisher men or people who travel on the seas.

    I took it out my brown,ragged sack,which had inside the sky-blue wrapping paper around, well whatever was inside.Then I gave it to my Grandson and he looked confused at his lofty,muscly father then unwrapped it slowly and puzzled because he does not often get presents from relatives.Once he opened the, well whatever it was he saw a hat no snap-back and hats like that I mean the old,beige hats for fisher men or people who sail the seas.Then he tried the hat on and then the rule-changing father just had to say
    “No,No,No,No,No it has to cover your face”

    Then I replied “No,No,No,No,No It has to show your charming,handsome face”

    Then the father angrily shoved him back into the chair and it made the boat shiver as if it were cold in the snow.Then we all suddenly dropped to sleep as if we had just died.

    Suddenly a massive,golden moon appeared behind the calm,smooth oceans and I gave my Grandson a hook, a fishing hook then his father took out a ladder,which was tucked under in the boat.

    Then he tied up the hook around his skinny waist and started to make his way up onto the glimmering moon.When he had reached the top of the ladder he started floating because of upthrust it was basically like he was in space because there was no gravity only upthrust.He floated until…
    He found himself sitting down in the middle of stars then he noticed that the moon,which he was siting on was actually full of stars.Then he put the hook,which was around his waist into a hole which was overloaded with stars.

    Back on the boat me and the father were pulling the star moon with us as we headed back.While we headed home me and the father climbed up the ladder and the father took out a crate of brooms and brushes,which was on the moon,we all took a brush so that we could brush of the stars.Then the skinny,little boy ran to get a broom or brush but then the father gave him his brush and showed him how to use it but then the I gave him mine and showed him how to use it.He was holding both whilst me and the father argued over how to use a brush and,which brush was better.Then suddenly a massive shooting star comes crash landing on the moon.Then me and the father tried to remove the lofty,colossal moon but it was to big and to deep to take out.Then we all started arguing over how to take out something like that.

    But what we did not know was that my Grandson was climbing up the star and then he took a hammer and…
    The massive star,which was impossible to brake had became miniaturized stars.Just hit by a hammer!

    Then once that was over my Grandson chose his own brush and we brushed of all the stars.

    Then when we got back on the boat no-one argued because me and the father usually argue every 5 minutes.But for the first time we did not argue.Then we pulled back the hook and worked our way back home.

  10. Once, there lived a boy, father and his grandfather they sat in a old dusty boat that would float every second. The grandfather gave the little boy a present he opend it slowly and saw a hat he wore the hat then suddenly, the grandfather wanted the hat up and the dad wanted it down they both argued and were fighting theh continue doing it and stoped.

    The little boy surprisedly looked at the beautiful sunset coming up he was very shocked then he dad handed him over a a rope and a ladder he went up to the ladders and kept looking down because he was very scared and when he feached the top he was floating he landed on the shinning yellow stars. The boy was so happy and surprised he looked round as if he was looking at the green grass he was shocked.

  11. Gold
    I am very old now and always wanted my grandboy to be like me.Me and his farther always use to fight.When I use to say that
    “no no no boy put your lovely hat on my way”,but his farther use to say
    “no no no boy you need to put your hat on like say not like your grandfarther way.
    Then we never talked to each other.
    When it came the time to go on the moon,my grandboy went first
    Then when all of us went on the moon.
    I wanted the boy to get a sweeper like me,like always his dad told him that
    “Hey boy here you go this is a sweeper like my on it is really good it’s not just good it is fantastic”.
    Then I just kept on sweeping.
    When we were sweeping we saw a ENORMOUS!.All of us quickly hid somewhere.
    As it landed on the moon,we came to it, we tried and tried but it
    didn’t come of the moon it was stuck.
    We had just gave up,but someone didn’t give up,and it was my grandboy.He got a hammer and got on the star and he then…SMASH!
    he had smashed the HUGE! star.
    Then we sweeped it up and came back down from the moon.
    We then smiled and then me and my grandboys farther shaked hands and we huged each other.

    THE END hope you like the story.
    happy ending.

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