Today, year 5 have done many different activities using our Broad Heath Values. Below is an overview of what he have been learning:-

Which activity did you enjoy and why?

What skills did you use?



Children worked in groups and created advertisements for appealing for the Earthquakes that have happened around the world. The Broad Heath Values they used were empathy, teamwork, communication and respect.



Today, we used the score cards from a game of golf to create digit cards which we then used to solve place value problems, relating to our current maths learning.


The children in year 5 participated in a game of rugby netball. This is a combination of rugby, netball and American football. It required skill, communication and teamwork. The children were able to express themselves effectively whilst exercising and learning some new skills. I am very proud of how you all approached a new sport. Well done year 5!

4 responses to “YEAR 5 WELL BEING dAY”

  1. Sayda A.

    Thank you for this amazing day and thank for the wonderful opportunity for us I loved rugby the most

  2. Aiza B.

    The activity I enjoyed the most was sports.🏈⚽️
    The skilled i used was teamwork ,tenacity and resilience.👩

  3. Muazzan M.

    The activity that I enjoyed was the sports 🏈.
    The skills that I used was teamwork.

  4. Arhan S.

    I loved the sports because we used the skill teamwork to score a goal!

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