15 responses to “Year 5 Well Being Day”

  1. Amina J.

    I enjoyed making the bookmarks and the sports.

  2. Osas O.

    I enjoyed the sports , because I like doing things that are more active.

  3. Madeeha T.

    I really enjoyed well being day , it was so fun.
    I enjoyed plating dodgeball

  4. Amina H.

    I like the sport because it was fun and it was active. I like making the book mark because it was calm and we learned how to make it .

  5. Eliza H.

    My favourite activity was the sports because my favourite sport is dodgeball 🤩

  6. Muhammad Y.

    My most favourite activity was dodgeball because it had an doctor and it made it more fun.

  7. Yunus H.

    I loved when we did the sports with Mrs Akthar i felt active

  8. Aiza B.

    My favourite activity was the sport because I like running around and dogeball is my favourite.
    But all the activities were nice

  9. Robyn B.

    I Loved well being day so much
    It is the best

  10. Yahya K.

    I liked making the packaging for patas bravas because it was fun to draw the nets and measure.

  11. Afsa P.

    My favrioute activity was doge ball because we won the 3 matches out of 4 rounds in doge ball

  12. Myiesha S.

    Today was very fun and amzing!
    We did lots of entertaining activities and excellent double page spreads.
    I hoped everyone enjoyed it!

  13. Alima S.

    I had so much fun today

  14. Dhiyashini S.

    Today was so fun! The favourite part of the day was the playground games and making the bookmarks.I also liked designing the packaging and the litter picking speeches.

  15. Mopelola L.

    It was fun

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