Year 5 wellbeing day

Active Maths

In active maths, we have been practising a range of skills. We have practised telling the time on an analogue clock. After that, we identified the types of angles made by the hands on the clock and estimated how many degrees the angles were. Finally we use protractors to measure the angles.

Value – Honesty

Today, we looked at the value of honesty and how important it is. Children were given different scenarios and had to discuss whether they were honest or dishonest. Some of the situations were tricky and children were able to relate them to real life situations and discuss what they did.


DT – Needle work


Today, we looked at the Macbeth Act 1 scene 1,2 and 3 and how it is important it is to understand the characters and their movements. The children were given he scripts where they practised using teamwork, communication and resilience. please have a look at how we all did.


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