Year 6 Adult and Child Cricket Afterschool Club: Wednesday

I am delighted to invite parents and carers to our Year 6 adult and child after school club which will take place on Wednesdays this half term. The full dates are 15th, 22nd, 29th June, 6th and 13th July. We will be playing different formats of cricket, as it is a sport loved by many of our students and families and is a very accessible sport, no matter of your ability. Anyone can ask to come but the group numbers will be capped at 16 and will accept them on a first come, first serve basis as to which pairs of adults and children can take part. The aim of the club is to help the whole family get active, so there must be an adult who attends. We will also need the adult to be willing to wield some willow (i.e. have their turn at batting) and they can also help bowl and field if they choose. Brothers and sisters are also able to come but will need to be year 1 or above to take part. If you would like to attend with your children, please complete the form below before the weekend (June 11th), including information about all those taking part.

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  1. Sorry Mr Rawlings I can’t come I love cricket and I always play cricket at home with friends but I can’t come because my mum can’t come she can’t come because she is working.😟

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