Year 6 Dino Day! Monday 12th September

To kick start our English and Science learning this half term we have organised a ‘Dinosaur theme day’ for all children on Monday 12th September.

Costume ideas
(We would like you to apply the BH value of ‘Creativity’ to design and make a costume using recycled items)

– Due on Monday

Everyone is expected to create a Dinosaur project of their choice- you can present this on large paper or as a model.
Your presentation must include:
*Timeline of the cretaceous period.
*Key Facts (Name, Date, Time period, average height and weight)
*How have they adapted to their surroundings?
*An annotated sketch of your dinosaur.

Useful websites to do your research:
Top 10 facts
Natural History Museum- Dinosaur facts
Everything you need to know about Dinosaurs

Mesozoic Era | CK-12 Foundation

Bronze group: Create an informative poster about a T-Rex.
*What is a T-Rex?
*How long ago did T-Rex roam the earth?
*Was the T-Rex a vegetarian?
*How fast was the T-Rex?

Vocabulary to include:
Mesozoic Cretaceous time period extinct carnivore herbivore fossils

Challenge: Who can find out what a ‘palaeontologists’ is?

If there are any learning activities you would like to do, please share your ideas below.

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  1. The Cretaceous is a geological period that lasted from about 145 to 66 million years ago (Mya). It is the third and final period of the Mesozoic Era, as well as the longest. At around 79 million years, it is the longest geological period of the entire Phanerozoic.

    How much did dinosaurs weigh?

    Dinosaurs show some of the most extreme variations in size of any land animal group, ranging from the tiny hummingbirds, which can weigh as little as three grams, to the extinct titanosaurs, which could weigh as much as 70 tonnes (69 long tons; 77 short tons).

    What is the average height of a dinosaur ?

    9 – Diplodocus from the Diplodocidae Family – Estimated Average Height: 30 ft(9.14 m) Diplodocus is an extinct genus of diplodocid sauropod dinosaurs whose fossils were first discovered in 1877 by S. W. Williston. When most kids have a tall toy dinosaur, it is often one of these. Ma menchisaurus from the Euhelopodidae Family

    Spinosaurus appeared in the Cretaceous Period. The Mesozoic Era lasted for around 186 million years. It began around 252.17 million years ago, and ended around 66 million years ago. Dinosaurs started to appear around 243 to 231 million years ago, during the Triassic Period.

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