Year 6 have been learning new vocabulary about where we live.

Here are some of their pic collages and videos:

Can you list all the vocabulary you have learnt in the first 2 lessons here on the blog – how many words and phrases can you remember?

7 responses to “Year 6 – Donde vives?”

  1. Yogitha K.

    El Casa = home / house
    Un piso = flat
    Un hospital = hospital
    Café = cafe
    In banco = bank
    Apartemento = apartment
    Parque = park
    Super mercado = supermarket
    Campo = country side
    Playa = beach
    Hotel = hotel
    Estadio = stadium
    Iglesia = church
    Farmacia = pharmacy
    Fabrica = factory
    In restaurante = restaurant
    un gasolinera- a gas station
    un escuela- a school
    el biblioteca- a library
    un museo- museum
    un granja- farm
    Ciudad = city

  2. Sumayyah A.

    Una casa- house
    ¿Donde vives? – Where do you live?
    Vivo en campo – I live in the countryside
    Vivo en apartmento- I live in a house
    Vivo en casa- I live in a house
    Vivo en piso- I live in a flat
    Parque – park
    Banco- bank
    Supermecado- supermarket

  3. Nihit N.

    ¿Donde vives? – Where do you live?
    Casa – House.
    Apartamentos – Apartment.
    Piso – Flat.
    Banco – Bank.
    Museo – Museum.
    Café – Café.
    Hospital – Hospital.
    Parque – park.
    Playa – beach.
    Estadia – stadium.
    Cuidad – city.
    Campo – countryside.
    Vivo en una… – I live in a…
    Vivo en un apartamentos – I live in an apartment.
    Vivo en una ciudad – I live in a city.
    Vivo en el campo – I live in the countryside.

  4. Safa K.

    Campo= countryside
    Fabrica= factory
    Una casa= house
    Gasolinera=gas station

  5. Safa M.

    Apartmentos – apartment
    Piso – flat
    Casa – house
    Escuela – school
    Iglesia – church
    Gasolinera – gas station
    Supermercado – supermarket
    Fabrica – factory
    Pharmacy – farmacia
    Hotel – hotel
    Estadio – stadium
    Café – Café
    Vivo en … – I live …

  6. Surinder J.

    Una casa- a house
    Un piso- a flat
    un apartementos- apartments
    un ciudad- city
    el campo- countryside
    un iglesias- a place of worship
    un estadio- a stadium
    un museo- museum
    un hospital- hospital
    un hotel-hotel
    un farmacia- pharmacy
    un granja- farm
    un restaurante- restaurant
    el fabrica- where something is made
    un gasolinera- a gas station
    un escuela- a school
    el biblioteca- a library
    el supermercado- supermarket
    un playa- a beach
    el parque- a park
    un estacion de tren- a train station

  7. Inaaya S.

    Una casa
    Donda Vivies

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