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Year 6 Homework – due (02/02/2022)

Homework is due on Wednesday or before. All online homework must be completed and homework books returned to school.

This week are your practice SATS tests. I have attached the dates for them below. Start revising, reading and going through your CGP books focusing on everything we have covered so far this year.

Monday 31st January: Arithmetic Test
Tuesday 1st February: Reading Test
Thursday 3rd February: SPaG test
Maths Reasoning 1 & 2 will be in Week 5

I have posted links to practice your work below:



Week 4 Grid:

(3 tasks set on Mathletics)
(Any scores less than 70% will be reset)


Reading journal and challenges completed

Week 5 Spellings –
Spelling sentences in your homework books
(Use a variety of subordinate and relative clauses – label these)

15 responses to “Year 6 Homework – due (02/02/2022)”

  1. I have gave in my homework book and completed my grid homework, spellings and online homework.

    1. Miss Vega

      given* Good girl!

  2. Bijan

    I don’t know where my homework book is so I just did it in paper if you don’t mind.

    1. Miss Vega

      Great initiative Bijan! Great homework too!

  3. Bijan

    Okk I will do it

  4. Safya S.

    i did spag and math

  5. Mishal N.

    I completed all the arithmetic test.
    I have completed Mathletics and Spag.

  6. I have done my Mathletics and SPAG homework.

  7. Mrs Ahmed

    Well done to all of those who have completed their homework over the weekend.

    If you are struggling with anything please let the year 6 team know so they can help you before Wednesday!

  8. Elyas S.

    I have done my homework.

  9. Elyas S.

    I have done my mathletics and spag.com.

  10. Shabaz A.

    I have completed my homework.

  11. Musab H.

    I have done mathletics and spag.com

  12. Qasim K.

    I chose to do wow homework, and completed my spag, mathematics… I done my spellings , wrote them in sentences…

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