Year 6 Homework due 22/9/22

Homework books are due on Thursday, pick one from the grid each week (Spelling & Grid)
Online homework is due by Thursday. (Mathletics & SPaG)

Week 1 Homework:

(3 tasks set on Mathletics)
(Any scores less than 70% will be reset)

Reading journals are to be read and signed each evening

100 words ( reading journal)
Spelling sentences in your homework books (pick 10 you’re unsure of).

40 thoughts on “Year 6 Homework due 22/9/22

  1. i have done Mathletics and spag, i did reading as well and practiced my spellings.
    i have completed both my homework in my book i will bring it on Tuesday

  2. I was doing the maths challenge and I found it really really hard but I did bronze do I have to do silver? I did my online homework and the other homework.

  3. I have completed English , and I have left my reading diary at school I can’t remember my login for mathematics and spag, so I will completed it in Tuesday.

    • I can not find my homework on mathletics, I went on to do and still didn’t find it, however I have completed and the WOW timeline work.

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