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Year 6 – Journalists – Ms Janjua’s group

In English Year 6 are learning how to write a newspaper report. To become professional newspaper journalists they practiced reading the news about the deadly Black Death plague. They were resilient and tried their best to read clearly, give eye contact and behave in a professional way.

Have a look at their videos and feel free to leave a comment.

How can you improve for next time? Name 3 skills that you could use to become better at being a journalistic and speaking to the audience.

BH newspaper journalists

3 responses to “Year 6 – Journalists – Ms Janjua’s group”

  1. Rubab G.

    It was very fun! But next time I could Improve to look at the camera more not just at the book or what your reading.Next’s I could improve is to speak louder because I couldn’t hear myself.And lastly I can move how I was siting like and fixed my posture

  2. Aalya H.

    So for me,I would improve by speaking louder,acting,and also I could improve of expressing yourself with facial expressions while reading it but when we did it was good

  3. Tana I.

    It was good but next time I could improve by speaking a bit more clear

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