Year 6 Planning ahead – Glastonbury!

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Hello Year 6!

We are creating this blog to let you know about a fantastic opportunity that will be taking place after your SATs, on Wednesday 20th July 2022 We will be able to provide large group tents but if you have any tents at home you will be welcome to come and set these up, with some help from your adult and share with your friends!

On the school field we will be camping for the night after taking part in an array of activities to celebrate the fab year we have had and all the hard work you have put in. We will be lucky enough to be visited by Rock Kidz as well as holding a silent disco. There will be different stands (including a glitter stand) and burgers etc will be served – all halal of course!

For this event we will be charging £3, not very much for a night full of memories!

Letters will be sent home after half term! We hope you look forward to this evening as much as we do!

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Please reply with the following once you have spoken to parents so we can get a better understanding of numbers.

Option 1: I would like to attend the festival only.
Option 2: I would like to attend the festival and the overnight camp.

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