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Year 6 Portfolios – Autumn 1 2022

Hello Year 6, we have had a great start to the year. Some super writing, learning new maths skills, super art work and we’ve had a wonderful trip to Dovedale. Keep it up and we hope you have a great break. Mrs Khan, Mrs Sharma, Mr Inman and Mrs Janjua.





18 responses to “Year 6 Portfolios – Autumn 1 2022”

  1. Joel G.

    I have really enjoyed the term

  2. Fatimah K.

    I enjoyed this term a lot!

  3. Jasmine M.

    I loved this term
    My favourite thing was art around the world week and Dovedale.

  4. Lillie S.

    I loved this term can’t want to come back

  5. Aleena I.

    This half term was amazing

  6. Maryam G.

    Thank you for making the portfolio.
    I really enjoyed this half term

  7. Tahiyan C.

    I liked math and geography because they were easy

  8. Sumayyah A.

    Wow! This term has been excellent! First term of year 6!

  9. Zahra A.

    This autumn was amazing and so fun.

  10. Naimol A.

    I like when we do art it’s fun!🤩

  11. Aisha R.

    I have enjoyed this half term so much.🤩 Can’t wait for Autumn 2!

  12. Muhammed A.

    I have enjoyed English because we learned about dinosaur and done a wonderful diary enter

    I have enjoyed Maths because we learned about long division and done some recapping on some addition also subtraction as well.

    I have enjoyed Geography because we learned about mountain. Where mountains are. Also we learned more about Nigeria and it’s poverty

    I have enjoyed science because we learned about cool stuff.

  13. Prisha T.

    I loved this term!
    Really enjoyed the work!

  14. Luxor A.

    I will try best in the term to come and so far year 6 is not so bad

  15. Amanah S.

    This autumn term was AMAZING!!!!!! I hope everyone (including me) keeps up all the good work and we all gain and lean new stuff.

  16. Gufran E.

    This half term was very fun!

  17. Zainab A.

    I love this autumn term
    I hope next term will be even better

  18. Azaan H.

    I will definitely keep up this super work

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