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Year 6 Portfolios – Summer 1 2023

What a great start to the Summer term Year 6. You have all worked really hard and finished your SATs. Now the rest of the year is to have lots of fun and complete the rest of our projects for the year. We have had a Science Day, Topic Day and to end the half term a super health week. Have a great break and we look forward to seeing you in Summer 2 where we have lots of fun activities.

What has been the highlight for this half term?

How have you made progress this half term?




51 responses to “Year 6 Portfolios – Summer 1 2023”

  1. Maryam G.

    The highlight for this half term was doing SATS. I have made progress this half term by understanding more about circuits.

  2. Safiyah P.

    My favourite part of this half term was the electricity topic. I have made progress this half term because I now know about the slave trade and how circuits are made.

  3. Muhammed R.

    My favourite part of the half term has been when we learned about electricity.
    I have made progress in math when I learned about diameter.

  4. Khairy S.

    Sats were really hard and electrically and Ellen craft and angles

  5. Naimol A.

    I made progress by doing sats

  6. Faizan R.

    My main highlight was when we finished sats . I made progress by learning how a circuit is made.

  7. Bilal H.

    The main highlight of year 6 was sats and I’m proud of attempting to test my knowledge.
    I made progress by improving my handwriting incredibly.

  8. Sumayyah A.

    My highlight was sats and the sats party it was really fun. I have made progress by learning more about history and science.

  9. Shuqraan H.

    My highlight for this term was SATS because it was hard

  10. Mehar R.

    I highlight for this half term is sats
    I made progress in English

  11. Abdul Y.

    SATS are hard and it was great and I hope I pass
    By doing sats

  12. Emma-Nicolle S.

    It was indresting I love

  13. Muhammed R.

    My highlight is my sats but I am done.
    By listening what miss morris teaching

  14. Abraham E.

    By Inproved my math and English

  15. Suraiyah A.

    My main highlight of the term is completing my Sats. I have made progress by learning about the electricity .

  16. Zakariah D.

    My main highlight was completing sats. I have made progress because I know more first aid and how to make a circuit

  17. Shahzaib M.

    SATs has been our highlight for this half term
    I have made progress by understanding questions

  18. Hammad A.

    My highlight is sats I am very happy we have completed sats
    I have made progress in maths

  19. Asim A.

    I made progress by learning. More about history

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