Year 6 PSHE

Hi Year 6,

This term in PSHE we have been talking about the government, elections and our local community. Can you find out who your local MP is? See if you can find out any information about what he or she wants to improve in the community? What would you improve about the community if you were in charge?

I look forward to reading your opinions! Miss Sahin

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  1. My local MP is Jim Cunningham. He wants most people to be informed of what’s going on in business, Jim also likes it if citizens to write to him and share their opinions.If I was an MP, I would make things in the community,do what’s best for the community. To make it easier I would li,e people to share and write their opinions like the same as Jim Cunningham.

    • I’ll rewrite the 4th sentence out again.
      ‘ I would make things in the community more helpful to use and do what’s best for the local place.

  2. My local MP is Colleen Fletcher.Colleen Fletcher would like to improve the NHS because they have a lot of problems.If I were an MP I would give homeless people shelter,provide people with jobs and help primary schools excel more.

  3. Colleen Fletcher is my local MP. She is with the Labour party. Colleen Fletcher is deciding to make the local community better by improving the doctors/NHS to get people who are ill served quicker and better. If I was in charge, I would position more litter pickers to make our environment cleaner and healthier. Also I would try to make more roads to reduce the traffic which would stop air pollution.

  4. My Local MPs{Members of Paliament}for Foleshill are Abdul Salam Khan,Tariq Khan and Malkiat Singh Auluck.They are all Labour leaders.Your MPs forward your views to positions of authority,that are involved in the situation.

  5. My local Mp is Geoffrey Robinson.His intrests to improve our community is industry, economic policy and new technology.If I was in charge I would give shelters to the homeless and stop educational centres from being closed.

  6. My local Mp used to be Bob Ainsworth But it is Now Colleen Fletcher.She has said she would improve the Community by putting any think any body needs , she would also improve NHS
    and make it better. If i was a Leader I would Make sure all of my community is happpy , i would also make sure there would be less litter on the flooor . I would do this by making more bins ansd making sure most roads have bins. I

    • My local Mp used to be Bob Ainsworth but it is now Colleen Fletcher. She has said she would improve the community by making places better like the NHS.If I was a Leader I Would make sure all of my community is happy, I would also make sure there would be a least 1 bin or even 2 on one road. There for people would be able to throw there rubbish into the bin. Hopefully there would be no litter on the floor. I would make sure there would be no dog litter any where , I would do this by putting bags on all of the lamps. So people who have a dog would be able to take one at pick the litter up. I would make sure all of the people are safe and happy. I would do a lot more.

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