Year 6- Reading Gladiators

In our Reading Gladiator’s group we have read several books, all of which have been written about WW1 or set in WWII. Our first book was called The children of the King. This was centred around evacuees. Some great inference and predictions were discussed throughout this book.

Pax was our next book. This was a story about a boy and his pet fox, who were separated again during the war. This book challenged our emotions and we learnt a lot about foxes, the way they live and their characteristics.

“In the line of fire” followed and this was a picture book illustrated by a Frenchman who discovered an unknown soldiers diary from the Great war. We researched the Great war and shared our findings in the group. The illustrations were carefully drawn to represent the words written by the soldier.

I challenged you to create your own double page spread to represent a section of the diary. I was really impressed. We have used and developed many skills such as inference, retrieval, prediction, vocabulary and identifying themes. You have all made great contributions.

Well done to all of you. Your knowledge and vocabulary has really improved and we have had some great discussions.

Which book have you enjoyed most and why?

How have you gained from our group sessions?

3 thoughts on “Year 6- Reading Gladiators

  1. My favourite book was the Line of fire. This is because I liked how we were reading about someone’s life and how we could see a picture of them too. Whilst reading the book, I was devastated that many citizens sadly died because of the enemies during the world war 1! To reduce this occurring, many people dug trenches underground to prevent the enemies spotting them.

  2. The book I enjoyed the most was line of fire because I learnt a lot about what they did in ww1. Also I learnt that in the times of ww1 people aged 12 or above would have to participate in the war.
    Going to reading gladiators has made me learnt more key vocabulary and improved my reading skills.

  3. The children of the king was one book I enjoyed. This is because the plot of the story made sense,and the characters had a lot of personality. The settings were different from usual ones,and the presence of war in the book was clear.
    The line of fire was also a good book. I liked how the drawings were unique,and had detail and shading. The words of the unknown soldier was actually quite descriptive. I can’t believe we read a diary from a WW2 soldier.
    But I think that Pax was my most favourite out of the books we have read so far. Pax,who was the fox,was a clever,loyal animal,and Peter was a strong,determined boy. Peter and Pax were inseparable,and the journey Peter takes really shows it. The war theme in the story is also clear,and the sacrifices made because of it was also clear. The language used and the description was amazing.It was definitely a great book.
    I think I have benefited from the sessions because we read and discuss the book,which makes it so much easier to understand what’s happening. I think that writing in a book helps because we can go back to our writing,and that it helps us pick out key things and remember them. Also,the homework that is set for us is fun.
    I am looking forward to books we will read in the future,and how we will be challenged even more.

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