Arithmetic Questions Broken down by Subject ( with guide)

SATs Maths Practise Papers

Maths Revision Tips

CPG 10 min Tests Maths and SPaG

SPAG Placemat... | My Primary Classroom


SPaG Glossary


Passive and Active Voice

Combined SpaG Test

18 responses to “Year 6 Revision”

  1. Danyaal H.

    I have done mathletics and I have also done some of the math and spag paper.

  2. Danyaal H.

    My account in ttrs is also glitched.

  3. Danyaal H.

    Someone hacked my ttrs account and I don’t know who it is.

  4. Saira S.

    I will complete them throughout the holidays.

  5. Ouzair A.

    ill do them

    1. Miss Vega

      Good job! There are some fab infographics there – they should help with some of your SPaG!

  6. Mishal N.

    I will make sure I do them.

  7. Absi P.

    Thank you miss vega this will really help

  8. Aamina B.

    Thank you Miss Vega!
    I will make sure to revise both SPaG and Math during the holidays and complete the papers in my homework book! Have a great holiday everyone! :)

    1. Miss Vega

      I hope that you have a lovely holiday! Well done for following instructions Aamina, I am sure you will smash the practise papers!

      1. Aamina B.

        Thank you Miss Vega!! :)

  9. James H.

    I will do it

  10. Siddra K.

    I will make sure to do these revision texts over the holidays!

    1. Miss Vega

      Good girl – note down anything that you come across that you are struggling (especially in maths) and we can go through it when we arer back :)

  11. Yalda N.

    Thx for the revision

  12. Yalda N.

    Ok I will do these at home.

    1. Miss Vega

      Good idea – it would be great if you and Bijan could do some work together :D

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