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Year 6 Teacher Presentations

Today, we have been looking at our presentation skills. What do you think of the teachers work? Can you do better?

4 responses to “Year 6 Teacher Presentations”

  1. Zahraa Y.

    It is alright but there is many improvements to be made, firstly if you are reading something especially something like a news report make sure to look at the person as some may not hear you, secondly when welcoming don’t make everyone say it only make one person say the title since it is a news report and it just sounds weird thirdly don’t speak too loud or quiet just speak normally so the person who is seeing the report understands and lastly don’t speak fast neither slowly just at a normal pace
    If I was given a chance to do this alone I think I could do better

  2. Tipian I.

    I think the teachers work is ….
    bad – rubbish (not being rude )
    I achieved my work but , I did better.
    Especially when you are doing a news report your face should not be covered , you should not say the words fast or too slow.
    Nice effort

  3. Xlexben F.

    have eye contact
    take your time when you are reading
    dont cover face

  4. Tana I.

    I don’t think you guys did it correctly but you did make us laugh

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