Year 6 Week 3 Homework. Due 30/11/22

Homework books are due on Wednesday, pick one from the grid each week (Spelling & Grid)
Online homework is due by Wednesday. (Mathletics & SPaG)
Please remember to attempt the homework over the weekend. If you are struggling, please talk to your teacher so that we can support you in school. Log on and complete the task set for you.

(2 tasks set on Mathletics)
All work this week links to the work we have been doing on fractions – multiplying and dividing.
(Any scores less than 70% will be reset)

Please continue to read every day and record your reading in your diaries. We will continue to check and listen to you read in school.

It is important that your practise your spellings in preparation for your spelling tests. We would like to see you correctly using the words in your writing, particularly those words which are new to you or link to our units of work.

Extra SPaG Blooket

As part of our maths learning, you know how important your time stables are! We are working super hard to keep practising and growing quicker. For this reason I have set you a new Blooket. We will be monitoring your accuracy and awards will be given for the best scores. If you would like to participate, please join using your first name and class.

Example: Albert6W

If you would like to try more than once, please number each attempt so we can see if you are becoming more accurate.

Example: Albert6W1, Albert6W2 etc.

30 thoughts on “Year 6 Week 3 Homework. Due 30/11/22

  1. I have completed all my homework for this week and my potion is so funny if Mrs Sharma see it she will say my potion is great,Mrs Morris.

  2. There were two Mathletics tasks set this week for everyone.
    For the majority of you one task should link to multiplying proper fractions and the other should link to dividing proper fractions by whole numbers.
    Nothing was set linking fractions, decimals and percentages so I will look at this tomorrow.

    A few children may have two other tasks. One of these is adding fractions with the same denominator. The other is subtracting fractions with the same denominator.

    I will investigate further tomorrow.

    • They have been set on Mathletics, Azaan. If you’re having trouble seeing them, let us know and we will have a look at our end.
      Have a good weekend.

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