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Young Ambassadors perform at the Japanese Peace Garden

What a proud moment to witness our fantastic Coventry Young Ambassadors performing in front of a large crowd on Sunday at the Memorial Park. Their confidence was amazing and many people commented on how beautifully they spoke. Not only did they read their own poems, which were written in a workshop with Emilie on Wednesday, but they also volunteered to read poems from other schools whose children were unable to attend! What fantastic attitudes!
Well done, Year 5!

4 responses to “Young Ambassadors perform at the Japanese Peace Garden”

  1. Tyson Thomas-Millward

    I had lots of fun.

  2. Markuss B.

    Sunday was amazing and when reading other school poems it was hard to read the handwriting 😁.

  3. Tana I.

    It was so fun watching them perform a poem .And thank you for inviting us over.

  4. Miski M.

    I enjoyed this very much. Thank you Mrs Hurt and Mrs Frankish for arranging this performance. Also, thank you Emilie for teaching us about haiku.

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