⭐️ RB Homework Gallery Spring 2, Week 4 ⭐️

Hello RB, welcome to your new homework gallery! All of your super work will be displayed here. Remember all homework needs to be sent into the email by Wednesday each week!

Maths Week 4: How many ways can you make 8?

Literacy Week 4: Phonics Game

WOW Week 4: To label the uniform of someone who helps us

Maths Week 3: Write numbers on a fireman’s ladder

Literacy Week 3: Phonics

WOW Week 3: Draw what you want to be when you grow up

Maths Week 2: Education City

Literacy Week 2: Draw your body and label it

WOW Week 2: Create an emergency vehicle

Maths Week 1: Shape Hunt

Literacy Week 1: Phonics

WOW Week 1: Role play as a person who help us

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