🌞Maths in the Sun🌞

Today we had great fun practising our arithmetic skills playing snap! we created our own equations and had to find a pair that had a matching answer we made it trickier by adding in algebra and using BIDMAS!

We then practised our times tables by playing FizzBangBoom. Sat in a circle we counted to 100. every multiple of a given number was replaced by a word. It’s safe to say it got competitive! Which did you find the trickiest? Why?

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  1. I would say it is competitive because we have to get to 100 without saying the wrong word. I found fizzy and boom the trickiest because you have to say fizzy in every 7 time table and 5 without saying a wrong word.

  2. I really enjoyed when we played this game. We spilt up into groups of 5 and we started of with:
    FIZZ 2
    BANG 5
    and then added
    BOOM 7
    Then we joined groups and played it.

  3. I had lots of fun apart from the sun trying to melt us but I got a bit confusing because some people I could not hear so I sometimes say the wrong number

  4. We were playing outside in the mini a weather pitch and we played games like fizzbangboom which was this game which had multiples that I had certain woods to say such as boom and much more this was also a good use of the weather because it’s 75 degrees and I also enjoy the being outside doing maths

  5. I enjoyed writing the BIDMAS questions and solving other people’s sums.
    The Fizzbangboom was fun because we had to listen carefully and make sure we said the right word or number.

  6. Hajrah and Alexis
    Which did you find the trickiest? Why?
    We found the fizzbangboom game the trickiest because it was confusing and we got confused with the multiples.

  7. I think the trickiest multiple was when there was a multiple in more than two times tables! I really enjoyed playing this game as it helped my knowledge of multiples in a fun way! :)

  8. I enjoyed fizzbangboom it took me a while to understand it but I got there.
    I enjoyed fizzbangboom by knowing how to play the game better then I usually did before

    By Ali and Ayomide

  9. I loved playing fizzbang and fizzbangboom. It was a fun learning experience which all of a sudden got competitive between our groups. Hardest was when we played fizzbangboom.
    FIZZ 2
    BANG 5
    BOOM 7

  10. I loved it when we played FizzBangBoom! The trickiest part about it is remembering which number we were on because we replaced numbers with the words: Fizz, Bang and Boom. I also liked playing snap as it helped with my arithmetic skills, the trickiest part about that was trying to find someone who had the same answer as you.

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