1 Blue create sentences using the vocabulary from the story

As part of the English lesson today, the children were given the task to create their own sentences using vocabulary found in the story ‘Alien School’.
Have a look below to see what kind of sentences the children came out with.

Mrs.Patel challenge

How many new words did Green, yellow and orange group use in their sentences.?

listen to the sentence and tell me what the new words we learnt are?


  1. Ayaad can recall below words from the story Alien School.

    Gigantic – Nogel was gigantic
    Glowing – Space ghetti was glowing
    Enormous – Nogel was enormous.
    Impossible- the maths was impossible to solve.

  2. Adam can you tell me one of the new vocabulary we learnt from the story? I’ll give you a clue another word for BIG is E————————-S
    Thank you

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