Year 5 ‘Swinging Sixties’ 1960’s Day!

The children in Year 5 have had a ‘groovy’ day stepping back in time to the 1960’s! We began the day learning about the subcultures of the 1960’s, including hippies, mods and rockers. We then explored dance, art, culture and music of the period. We ended the day with a year group protest – which was both energetic and allowed the children to experience history first hand. Well done Year 5, and thank you to all the adults who supported with costumes!

To create an image using the block printing style of Roy Lichtenstein

The children learnt about Roy Lichtenstein, an influential pop artist of the decade. They studied his most famous piece – ‘Whaam!’ and explored how this was created using the Ben Day dot method. We recreated this skill using paint and bubble wrap, building and layering a simplistic image.

To create a soundscape of the moon landings.

We were inspired by 2001: Space Odyssey and the importance of the moon landing to create soundscapes. Listen to ours below.

To create a protest placard

The children have been learning about all the peaceful protests that took place during the 1960s. There were protests for Equal rights, Stop the Vietnam war and bring their boys home and peace and happiness. The children created their own placards with messages for a peace, love and happiness.

To dance in the style of 1960’s using choreography of the decade

Today, we looked at 1960s dance moves and created our own dances. Please look at our photos and video below.

43 thoughts on “Year 5 ‘Swinging Sixties’ 1960’s Day!

  1. 1960s day was so fun the one that I liked was golf and I liked all of the lessons but the best was golf and the protest and also at the start of year5 was the good lessons ever.

  2. Thank you for this day I loved it and my favourite part of the day was doing the printing of the bubble rap to make a picture of anything we wanted to make

  3. Zahraa Y :This was really fun and I enjoyed it thank you for all of this fun stuff that we got to do I enjoyed everything everything I did was my favourite so thank you fir putting effort to this
    Thank you for this amazing opportunity I enjoyed every bit and again thank you

  4. Miski = I enjoyed 1960’s day. My favourite part was making block art.
    Isah = My favourite part was making a soundscape.
    Sameeha = My favourite part was the protesting.

  5. It was a fun day the thing that I enjoyed the most was the protest.
    Also I liked making the pop art because we could paint!
    I hope we have more fun days like this .

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