1 Blue Stay and play

This half term, in history, we have been learning all about old and new toys.

On the first day back, some children brought their favourite toy to show to the rest of the class. They used clear voices to explain why they liked them and what they did.

Well done and Thank you to all the parents who attended and supported us.

What is your favourite toy? Explain why you like it.

7 responses to “1 Blue Stay and play”

  1. Ayaad H.

    Ayaad’s favorite toy is Spiderman which is soft and made of fabric, when he go to sleep he always take it with him.

  2. Ebrar Y.

    My favourite toy is a my doll.
    I like my doll because i play and sleep with my doll.

  3. Adam K.

    My favourite toy is my walking dinasour which lights up and makes lots of roaring sounds.

  4. Aaron R.

    My favourite toy is my stunt car. When I charge it up I use the remote to make it go fast and flip over and do backflips. I like all my toys.

  5. Gaira M.

    My favorite toy is atrex dinosaur.. I just love it since I was little

  6. Ameera K.

    My favorite toy is a unicorn. I like her becouse she is soft and and have a sparkle wings.

  7. Miss Smith

    What a lovely Stay & Play session! This blog made me smile! I loved hearing Mrs Khan & Mrs Patel’s stories too!

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