1-Red planting Cress seeds!

Today, children in 1 Red enjoyed planting cress seeds. Children enjoyed touching seeds, soil and pots. They planted cress seeds using the scientific vocabulary and time words e.g. first, next and then.

Children also had the chance to revisit their learning from the previous week and discuss the different parts of a plant – roots, stem, leaves, flower and petals. Many children were also able to share the function of the different parts of the flower.

Roots – Absorb water and nutrients from the soil.

Stem – To transport water, food to different parts of the plant. It also offers support to the plant so it doesn’t fall down.

Leaves – Is the place where it creates its own food.

Flowers and petals – Attract insects to help pollination.

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  1. Rahman A.

    Well done everyone!

  2. Miss Ostick

    Well done everyone!

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