1R Rama and Sita

This week, in English, our 1R superstars will be writing the story of Rama & Sita. To prepare for this, we retold the story verbally and included some drama too! We tried hard to use new vocabulary and had lots of fun at the same time (as I’m sure you will see from the cheeky grins and giggles!). 1 Red have a super understanding of the story and Miss Smith is so proud to be their new teacher!


Can you tell me what these words mean?






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  1. Great O.

    Banished means when you are sent away from home
    Warrior means when you are brave
    Chariot means a two wheeled vehicle drawn by a horse
    Rejoice means celebrate
    Reunited means when you are back together

  2. Miss Ramsell

    Wow 1 Red what a great retell of the story. Well done for using some new vocabulary. It makes me so happy to see you doing so well πŸ™‚πŸŒŸ

  3. Hosanna N.

    Banished means that you got sent away from your home.
    Warrior means a brave man.
    Chariot means something that has two wheels.
    Rejoiced means celebrate.
    Reunited means your back together.

    1. Miss Smith

      Hosanna, this comment makes me SO proud! Please see Miss Smith for a prize ⭐️

      Why did everybody rejoice in the story?

    2. Mueez K.

      Rama and sita were together and then they got banished from there home and sita got kidnapped from the demon ravana who has 20 arms and 10 heads. In The mighty battle rama with his magic arrow defeated ravana and then everyone was happy.

      1. Miss Smith

        Wow Mueez! This comment made me smile! Your vocabulary is fantastic! Please see Miss Smith or Mrs Mattu for a prize.

    3. Zayaan M.

      SENT away for eve brave warrior

      1. Miss Smith

        Brilliant Zayaan! Banished means sent away. Please see Miss Smith or Mrs Mattu for a prize!

  4. Mrs J Patel

    WOW what a lovely blog. Why is Mrs. Patel saying this it made me smile to see all your smiley faces. Very proud of you all.πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜€

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