3 Red’s Trip to Conkers!

3 Red had an excellent time during their trip to Conkers. The children participated in numerous fun, engaging activities linked to our history unit on the Early Settlers.
We started our morning by taking part in an orienteering task where we had to use our knowledge of early settlers to find our way.
Afterwards we made our own cave paintings and music with sticks. Following on from our lunch we had lots of fun making our own settlements using logs and we even built and lit our own fire!

What was your favourite task today? What Broad Heath values did you use and how?

3 responses to “3 Red’s Trip to Conkers!”

  1. Safaa Y.

    I enjoyed finding the Fire rock

  2. Hamza M.

    My favourite part was when we did a respect position in making the fire .and when we made music with sticks and we made paintings of the Stone Age.

  3. Charis O.

    My favourite task was gathering big long sticks to build a shelter.

    Broad heath value used was respect. I picked up the rubbish from the floor and put them in the bin to make it clean for others

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