3 Red’s Well Being Day!

Today 3 Red enjoyed a fun and fantastic day, participating in lots of relaxing activities. The children started the day watching the Snowman, afterwards they used their imagination and drama skills to bring the story to life. The children used their design and technology knowledge to create pizzas from scratch and had great fun eating a slice at the end of the day. We took part in yoga and active Maths and even used our creativity to design our own happy holiday cards! What a wonderful day! Click the YouTube link to watch the video below.

What activity did you enjoy most? What Broad Heath values did you use today? Comment below!


  1. I enjoyed dancing the most. I liked making the pizza too, it was yummy. It was fun working with Ebid as partner for the snowman ⛄️ task. 😃

  2. I enjoyed what we did today .I was a soooo exited.I enjoyed building snowman with my friends and making our own pizza 🍕 it was soo 😋. I liked building snowman with saffa. I had a lovely time. It was fun. Thank you you miss holland.

  3. I enjoyed the most was making and eating the pizzas.
    I used resilience by never giving up and thinking really hard about the acting out with Ilyas.I enjoyed everything but pizza most.

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