4 White’s eggsperiment 🥚

Today in Science we looked at what kind of foods are bad for our teeth. We have submerged 3 eggs ( to represent teeth) in a beaker of water, vinegar and fizzy drink. Next week we will see if or how the sugar or acid have reacted with the eggs.

What do you predict will happen? Why?

What kinds of foods are bad for your teeth?

Can you create a poster to promote positive dental hygiene? Bring this to school so we can put it up on display.

5 responses to “4 White’s eggsperiment 🥚”

  1. Janelle O.

    1. I predict that the water will still be the same.
    2. I predict that the coke is slightly brown.
    3. I predict that the vinegar will be squishy and bouncy.
    The food that are bad for your teeth is. Cake, chocolate,crisps and sweets.

  2. Irfa M.

    I predict that the egg in Water is still the same egg.
    I predict that the vinager is brown .
    And I predict the coca turnered black.

    1. Irfa M.

      The coca makes your teeth bad so coca and vinager makes your teeth bad as well
      It happens because they are not healthy at all.

  3. Yoshita P.

    I predict the egg in water will stay the same the egg in coke I’ll turn brown and the egg in vinegar will be bouncy.

  4. Delilah R.

    I predict that the egg in water will be the same because water is not sugary or acidic .
    I think that the egg in vinegar might turn black and maybe disolve some egg because vinegar I’d acidic and acid can disolve things .
    I think the egg in the fizzy drink will ruin the egg because the sugar can attack the shell and the sugar then eats the shell so makes holes like when we eat to much sugar our teeth
    Get ruined

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