5 Blue – Wow homework!

This week for the ‘Wow’ homework children had to design and make something from the Victorian era that was invented. 5 Blue have used there creativity skills and have designed trams, post boxes, christmas cards and telephone. Have a look at the gallery below and tell me what year your creation was invented during the Victorian era and by who. Great job.

11 thoughts on “5 Blue – Wow homework!

  1. The doll was invented in the mid 1800 they were made of wood.
    The letter box was made on he 24th of November 1852.
    The Victorians sent a Christmas in 1843 and Queen Victoria sent the first Christmas card.
    The steam train was invented in 1885 and George Stephenson created it also went 1.5 miles per hour.
    The telephone was invented on the 7 March 1876.

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