Our Design and Technology project week has been about repurposing materials in order to meet the criteria of a design brief.

The Design Brief: “Repurpose an item of clothing to create a basketball shirt for Team Coventry to wear at the International Children’s Games”.

We started our task by unpicking the brief and answering some key questions. These included: What does ‘repurpose’ mean?, What defines a basketball shirt and what is the ICG games and its link to Coventry. Once this was established we were able to begin the creative process.

After, we decided to create a logo for Team Coventry to use in the games. The new Team Coventry logo will appear on all sports kits and uniforms for our city’s participants during the competition, that will take place from 11-16 August 2022. Templates and details have been sent to schools which include ideas and potential themes that could be used for a logo design, along with further details on the competition.

In order to recreate our jerseys, we had to pick the appropriate materials! We sorted them into synthetic and natural fibres!

Creating our Jerseys! We planned as we went along!

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  1. Rahaniya S.


  2. Yalda N.

    This was fun!!!✌🏽👌🏽

  3. Absi P.

    this was really hard but it was fun

  4. Safya S.

    this took a long time

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