6 White Sonnets!


  1. My favourite sonnet is “ Learning to write a sonnet” because it talks you through the features of a sonnet. The rhyming final couplet summarises what the sonnet was about and how they finished writing their sonnet.

  2. My favourite one was if we must die because it is very dramatic and how it uses emphasis so they used different sorts of punctuation for each sentence.
    I also really enjoyed the pepperoni and cheese because it was very funny and how Joel made a dramatic and funny ending to it when he said the pizza is cold.
    The ending rhyming couplets summarises the ending of the text.

  3. My favourite sonnet was the If we must die sonnet because it tells the story. The final rhyming couplet is used to tell the summary of the sonnet.

  4. My favourite sonnet was ‘after turkey day’ this is because it had a great sense of humour

    The final rhyming couplet summarises the sonnet

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