6W’s awe-inspiring orienteering!

Today we took part in an orienteering competition across the Aspire Network. The teamwork that we saw was incredible. What other BH values do you think that you have used today? Why?

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  1. Rajbir B.

    I think we have used the value of communication because we were communicating with each other when we found the number/letter sign we informed each other, and when we were looking at the map

  2. Muhammad R.

    I am going to pick one teamwork this is because my group and load of others have a hella work together with people they probably didn’t and really work hard .

  3. Safya S.

    I think we one hundred đź’Ż % used teamwork
    We also used communication very carefully so that other groups could not hear when we got excited because we found a post.
    We also used respect when in a same area as other people as we were still in a public community .
    We were reflecting on the things we had done .

  4. Archi P.

    We have used communication,(communicating with others)
    resilience,(never giving up)
    respect,(not being rude or disrespectful to others)
    perseverance (as we kept on going when we were tired) and listening skills as we listened to the teachers.

  5. Aamina B.

    The values that I think me and my team used is communication ,teamwork and resilience because we had to work together and listen to what each other had to say. We also had to be resilient because if we didn’t find a post we could did not just give,we would identify the mistake and try again!I really enjoyed orienteering day at Coombe Park as it was great fun and helped me to develop my map reading skills! :)

  6. Ali K.

    I think the value that we have used is probably communication because when we were doing orienteering we communicated by looking for the sign’s together

  7. Sammi S.

    I think we have used communication, when we were looking and following the path we communicate to find the posts and help and to see where not to go and where to go we also communicated to help each other to incourage them.

  8. Bijan

    Because we communicated to find post and teamwork to we used resilience so we don’t give up and find the post.

  9. Aisha B.

    I think we used communicationteamwork and respect.

    1. Aisha B.

      We used communication, teamwork and respect.
      I think communication because when we had to find the posts we had to tell each other which direction to go and where it is and which number and letter it is.
      I think teamwork because we had to help each other find the posts, the numbers and letters.
      I think respect because it wasn’t just us who were there but also other people and younger children.There were also staff that worked there to so we had to us3 manners and not push each other, people or younger children.

  10. Abubaker

    I think we all used communication because when doing the walk or hike we had like look the map and say oh guys look we will go ther then take The right and we will find 22 then to get there will take the bridge then left then I could be hidden in tree.

  11. TEAMWORK – We used teamwork by working in groups by finding numbers combined with letters all around Coombe Abbey.
    COMMUNICATION – We used our communication by deciding how to get to our numbers that we had missed and to decide which path to the number which we could take.
    RESILIENCE- We showed resilience by walking 2.8 kilometres in order to win 1st place for our school. We were determined no matter how hot it was or how much we had to walk.
    BRILLIANCE – We showed brilliance by representing our school in an orienteering task and using our manners.

  12. Bijan

    I think we used communication and resilience

  13. Yahya K.

    Communication because we were communicating with adults also with our peers to help find the numbers in the orienteering and to keep safe and make sure we were not stung or hurt by any plant or creatures

  14. Hamaad D.

    We also used resilience and tenacity because when we couldn’t find a post,and went the wrong way,we still persevered and continued.
    Communication was important because we had to tell each other the way to go,and had to tell each other the post answer.
    Intelligence was used because we had to read the map correctly,and use our inference to know where to go next.

  15. Armaan M.

    We used tenacity as my group had skipped multiple numbers and had to move backwards in order to find whichever number we had ignored.

  16. Bolu

    We used communication , teamwork and resilience today .
    We had to use communication so we can talk to each other , we had to use teamwork so we could work as a team and we have to use resilience so can never give up .

    Alina and Bolu

  17. Abdirahman D.

    I think we used communication because we were communicating to each other to find the sign’s.

  18. Ouzair A.

    We used communications to say the answers and get them all right.
    We also used tenacity by not giving up and we kept on trying to find them.
    We used teamwork by finding the answers.

  19. Ayomide O.

    I think we have used communication because we had tell each other which way to go and where the number’s were.

  20. Zain A.

    It was good.

    1. Zain A.

      And communication

  21. Iqra

    Resilience as I had to keep on going as the ground had lots of twigs I could trip on.
    Communication as I had tell my group we had found the posts.

  22. Zaid M.

    I think we used quite a lot of communication during the orienteering in the morning, I think this was because we had people who would write down letters, people who would find the letters, and this required lots of communication.

  23. Praise O.

    I had a fantastic time there,we got to play and do activities.

  24. Hajrah S.

    Hajrah and Alexis
    Teamwork- we worked as a team to find the posts.
    Communication- we communicated by telling each over what direction to go in.
    Tenacity- we didn’t give up.
    Resilience- we kept going and didn’t stop.

  25. Umaiza T.

    Other BH values I think we used today was resilience, perseverance and tenacity because when we were orienteering, we never gave up and we kept on trying and we worked together to get back to where we first started.

  26. Absi P.

    I think we have used teamwork,tenacit,communication and imagination that is how many I can think of.

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