Awesome orienteering in 6B!

What an amazing day Year 6 have had at Combe Country Park! The sun was shining and it was the perfect atmosphere to explore amongst the nature and woods! The children took part in a challenge where they had to read a map in order to find number posts! They had to be resilient and make sure their eye sight was on point to spot all the clues!

We developed so many skills: Map reading, compass reading, Maths skills, orienteering, teamwork, problem solving AND had fun!

Also, we had time for field games, teamwork activities involving using a compass to understand directions and even took part in a Coombe Quiz!


A special thank you to the aspire network for organising this for the children and to parents for attending today! You were awesome!

26 thoughts on “Awesome orienteering in 6B!

  1. The trip was a good trip because we got to explore the areas of Combe abbey park as well as go on a quests.
    The values we had to use were teamwork and respect.
    We had to use teamwork because the person with the map had to lead the other people, whilst everyone (including the map director) is looking for the poles which say a number ,e.g 21 is a letter.

  2. My favourite thing was actually finding the posts and finding out the results.
    The values I needed was resilience and communication.
    My least favourite thing was that we did not get bonus points for extra posts as we did not know we could have got extra points.

  3. I enjoyed today at the Combe Abbey Country Park and I enjoyed orienteering today. My favourite part was the orienteering and playing cricket.

  4. l had so much fun today and it was really fun and we all had a chance to find numbers and letters in the post dig in combee park and read a map with the whole group.

  5. Today I enjoyed Coombe country park because of the orienteering and map reading , we managed to find 25 posts across the whole park , I even learnt facts about coombe abbey like it’s over 500 acres .

  6. I really enjoyed this activity, the hardest part of it was finding the first few numbers, my group didn’t know what they looked like so when we finally found our first few we were able to find a lot more.

  7. The thing I really enjoyed today was the quiz because we had the chance to go around the whole of Coombe Park and enjoyed the ice cream:)

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