Anti-bullying in 4 White

This week, we have been learning about anti-bullying. On Monday, we joined a live lesson to learn about what bullying is and how we can help stop it.

On Tuesday, we wrote acrostic poems about bullying. Watch the video belo to hear so of them.

What is bullying?

How can you help someone who is being bullied?

6 responses to “Anti-bullying in 4 White”

  1. Charis O.

    I can help someone that is being bullied by telling a trusted adult and by asking if they are okay.

  2. Charis O.

    Bullying is if someone is annoying you constantly.

  3. Aiza B.

    Bullying is when a person is hurting or calling names to
    The person

  4. Jebrin Y.

    You can cheer them up and tell them to tell a trusted adult.

  5. Aiza B.

    Say something kind and help them

  6. Rayan M.

    Bullying is when someone or a group of people are being mean to you.
    We can help by comforting to the other person who has been bullied and by informing the adults.

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