Anti-bullying week – showing kindness

What does kindness mean?

How can we show kindness?

6 responses to “Anti-bullying week – showing kindness”

  1. Dhonshan R.

    Kindness means being nice to others people,not pushing and kicking all the time

  2. Emraan A.

    We can show kindness by being nice and speak up

  3. Dhonshan R.

    Kindness means being nice to another and helping someone.

  4. Sarah B.

    Kindness means that you are helping others and playing with others.

  5. Elgin A.

    Kindness is good, fun and helping people.
    We can show Kinndness by helping, and make people happy 😃

  6. Latifa A.

    Kindness is the best thing to be because if you’ve kind others will also be kind to you an everyone will have a better life with out bullying

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