1Blue’s marvellous homework gallery-Week 1

Welcome to 1 Blue’s excellent homework gallery. This half term, the children have been learning about different types of houses and materials. This week children were given a task to draw a picture of their house and label the material used. Well done, to the superstars those have completed their homework.

1 Red WoW homework gallery- Week 4

Welcome to 1 Red’s WoW homework gallery. This term the children have been learning about fantastic Foleshill . For their wow homework, the children were asked to create a project about their local area, Foleshill. Well done, to the superstars that have completed their homework.

Mrs.Sharif’s Phonic group

This week we got to learn three new sounds “ay” “ee” and “igh” Please watch the videos below and practice words using the digraphs we have learnt. Now I would like you to practice writing 3 words for each digraph/trigraph above.

Super Spellers in 1 Red

Well done to all the children who scored 10/10 or 5/5 for this week 1 spelling test! We are so proud of you all and looking forward to have more children acing their spellings. Remember to practice your week 2 spellings daily.

Read a book challenge-Library

This new year library has set a challenge for you “Read a book challenge “ The following checklist will encourage you to read outside of your usual genre. You can tick more than one box if your book covers that challenge. We hope you will enjoy the checklist. Happy reading!

Library usage- Autumn 2

This half term me and Mrs. Morris have been monitoring the usage in the Library across all classes and the class with the best library usage during Autumn 2 was 6 Red. Well done 6 Red! We are very proud of you all. Keep up the good work!

2 White Victorian classroom

To link to our History work for this half term the children in 2 White experienced what it would have been like to go to school in the Victorian times. Mrs Elkin acted as a Victorian teacher and taught 2 White a Victorian lesson.Some of the children in 2 White did not enjoy the experience […]

Harry Potter Library Quiz

Calling all the BH Potter heads in Year 5 and 6. Your school library is holding the Harry Potter quiz and one of you could win your very own Harry Potter popup book. All you have to do is write your answers on a piece of paper with your name and class on the top, […]

Library- Know the author – Andy Shepherd

Andy Shepherd’s ‘The Boy Who Grew Dragons’ is the perfect series for ages 7-9 and now you can discover where she got her inspiration from, how she plans her stories, and more. About The Author: Andy Shepherd is a children’s writer working on stories for 5-12 year olds. Growing up on the Essex coast, she spent […]

Library- Japanese Breakfast

Extract from- My Awesome Japan Adventure: A Diary about the Best 4 Months Ever! by Rebecca Otowa Lets Discuss •  What do you eat for breakfast? •  Have you ever tried any of the foods described in the book? •  Would you enjoy taking a trip to Japan?

News from the Broad Heath library

New Library arch to welcome all the little learners and explorers in the library Key Stage 1 Year 1 had their first visit to the library Year 1 had a story time in the library Children were mesmerized to see so many amazing books in their school library Key Stage 2 Year 6 Intervention groups […]

Book of the week

Book of the week The Bed and the Breakfast star by Jacqueline Wilson The Bed and Breakfast star is a great book about a small girl named Elsa who lives with her mum, stepfather and her two step siblings. She lives a normal life until one day they get homeless and are forced to live […]