Year 1 Week 3 Homework (30.09.2022)

Hi Year 1,

Please choose 2 of the homework activities to complete.


You will find your activity on the school blog. It will be under the ‘Reading Challenge’ section on the blog.


You will find your game on Education City. Use the same log in details as you use for the blog. It will be under the ‘Homework’ section


Use Google Earth or Google Maps to find your own house. Can you follow your journey to school? Create a video or draw a picture to show us your route. 


Handwriting homework
At the back of your homework books, please writing these sounds yourself.


  1. Kai has done his week 4 homework writing numbers from one to ten also done five different food taste he guess all the food and described the taste and complete the queen quiz challenge.

  2. Hussein finished the Fruit Shop activity on Education City and scored 100%, he did his reading challenge and wrote it in his homework book.

  3. I have completed all my homework, I scored 100% on education city and wow homework all in the homework book, the reading challenge is on piece of paper in my book bag

  4. Well done everyone on completing your homework.
    If you played a game on education city please can you write your score in your homework book. Many thanks ☺️

  5. Rayyan has scored 100% in the game all done by himself.He has practiced his spelling words in his homework book and wow challenge has been completed as well.I am confused for the reading challenge.Is it the frog ditty we have to complete?

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