On Tuesday 10th October, we would like everyone in school to say something nice to another individual. Some might see this as a challenge, at Broad Heath it is something that comes to us naturally. What will your message be?

64 responses to “World Mental Health Day 2023”

  1. Ayaan M.

    Thx for info

  2. Malachy B.

    I love broad heath because I am grateful 🥹 for all the things i have🫥🫡

  3. Kydun R.

    late but thanks for the info

  4. Abdulahi D.

    Abdulahi: I love going school as in because it’s very entertaining

    Daryan: I I’m happy to tell you that I feel the same

  5. Yedullah S.

    We are happy as we get to go to school and have very kind teachers. We learn a lot to get ready for the future.

  6. Hanfaa N.

    Awais is always nice and has very good beat boxing skills. From Hanfaa.
    Hanfaa is a great person has a good mindset and has great double page spreads.

  7. Yaseen Y.

    A thank you to every teacher in broad heath.From Inayha and Yaseen

  8. Mohamed E.

    If you give people kindness the kind full people will come back to you 😊

  9. Kamil N.

    I’m late but I would say a thank you to every teacher in Broad Heath because they had taught us everything we need in life and a bit extra information just in case we make the wrong mistakes and tells us to never do it again.

  10. Murtaza A.

    On the 8 October my teacher told me how to use lots of different values.

  11. Rayyan R.

    I love my school as it teaches me kindness and how to help people.

  12. Isabelle T.

    A bit late but I want to let all the teachers know what an honourable work they do for us, the children, the future of this world and country! Thank you!

  13. Ilyas K.

    Rayan is kind to everyone and helps me every day with different things. This makes me happy.

    1. Rayan M.

      Thank you Ilyas that’s so kind of you!

  14. Sara H.

    we should all be kind to each other

  15. Yasmin A.

    Safari I like your hair 😍 ♥️ ✨️ 💕 💖 💗

  16. Neron O.

    MY favorite activity is coloring I liked it because there was a lot to do on the paper

  17. Zahraa Y.

    Sorry I didn’t reply eariler
    I would like to say thank you to my one friend who would always make me smile when I’m down, always help me with stuff, and helps me cope whenever I’m upset I can’t thank them enough.
    I love everyone and all my friends and others but this friend has pretty much helped me a lot and I can’t thank them enough, just know you all are enough for me and I appreciate everyone.

  18. Hudaa M.

    Iqra because she plays with me and helps me

  19. Iyla H.

    Olivia is kind and polite and very good.

  20. Yaseen S.

    I love everybody😍😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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