Jubilee Celebration 2022

Today we celebrated the 70th anniversary of the Queen’s accession to the throne. Parents had been invited to join us for cake and soft drinks, we have got to say that it was lovely to see so many parents, carers and family members! It was also great to see so many parents and families wanting […]

Jubilee Jest!

We would like to commence the day with something that will help prepare us for the spectacular day of celebrations ahead. Guess Who? Set 1 A is____________. B is ___________. C is _______________. D is_________________. E is__________________. F is __________________. G is ___________________. H is ________________________ Guess Who? Set 2. A is____________. B is ___________. […]

Jubilee Day at BH-Friday 27th May

Friday will be a very special day at Broad Heath. We will be spending the day celebrating the Queen and the Platinum Jubilee marking 70 years of service. It is non uniform day, but we would love to see the children wearing red, white and blue. Parents are invited to join us for soft drinks […]

Go Broad Heath-City of Culture May 2022

I have been smiling all day! The children, families and staff from Broad Heath were at Edgewick park today and it was amazing. The organisers constantly commented on the number of people from Broad Heath and how they were pleased to see our school representing the local community. Thank you to everyone who made this […]

Year 1 Eid Assembly-12.05.22 (2.30pm)

As you know Year 1 have been preparing for the Eid Assembly. This week the children and staff will be sharing their creativity and learning for you all to see and hear. Please make your way your way to the main office via Hanford Close or St Paul’s Road ready for the assembly to begin […]

Year 1 Stay and Play Summer 1 Week 2 (2.15pm-3.00pm)

We are looking forward to seeing the parents below for ‘Stay and Play’ this week: 1 Red: Aesha, Adam, Haseeb, Sara, Maryum, Zenat, Nicollas, Natan, Iqra, Liliana, Reyn, Waniya, Mirr, Mustafa, Hassanati, and Ibrahim. 1 White: Eli, Tala, Shaheer, Amelia, Adam, Iqra, Nabira, Elim, Bilaal, Zakariyah, Sulaiman, Jasmine, Esa, Sami, Sanya, Aiyla and Huzaifah. 1 […]

Year 1 Phonics Meeting for Parents-04/05/22

We hope that you are all well. The Year 1 Team have planned a very important meeting for Wednesday 4th May 2022@9.00am. We will share information regarding the External Phonics Screening Check and how we are working to support the children. The presentation will last 30 minutes and any questions can be asked after. You […]

Coffee Morning-Thursday 5th May 2022

Good Morning Our Coffee Morning is back ‘in person’ on Thursday@9.00am and we are looking forward to seeing lots of parents/carers, so we can share information and have an informal chat. We will be meeting in the Science Pod from 8.45am for refreshments. Please leave a comment below if you can attend.

Stay and Play-Friday 29th May 2022

Good Morning Please use the Hanford Close entrance or St Paul’s Road gate for ’Stay and Play’ today. Please be at the classroom doors at 2.15pm. Nursery parents need to be at the door for 2.30pm. There will be lots of exciting activities and the staff and children are looking forward to seeing you later.

Year 5 After School Writing Club!

Ms Janjua will be running an after school club starting on Monday 25th April 2022 from 3.20pm-4.00pm each Monday during Summer 1. Please remember to leave a comment below to confirm your child’s attendance.    Children: Tahiyan C, Sadiq A, Luxor, Muhammad S, Kevin R, Haaris J, Zainab A, Hasti, Mahmuda C, Israa F 

Year 1-After School Clubs!

The Year 1 staff will be running some after school clubs starting Monday 25th April 2022. Please remember to leave a comment below to confirm your child’s attendance. Year 1 Maths Club 3.20pm-4.00pm with Mr Mahmood: Nichollas, Hudaa, Natan, Bilal, Esa, Amina, Bilaal, Iqra S, Noah, Emraan and Elgin Year 1 Reading Club 3.20pm -4.00pm […]

Festivals Policy (including fasting) 2022

Please read the policy below for information and expectations. We will always support our families and children but do expect fairness in return. Can I also remind parents that there are other ways that children who have not yet reached puberty or want to learn about fasting can join in, such as abstaining from something […]

Luqman A Aces it again!

Luqman is one of our most memorable students. His sense of humour and talent for swimming (which was encouraged and developed at Broad Heath) have led to amazing achievements. He has recently been selected to be part of the Swimming squad to represent Team Coventry at this Summer’s International Children’s Games 2022.

Alexis and Nano!

In the photographs below you can see that Alexis and her Nano are holding all of their belts/sashes. They have managed to earn them over the last few years. It looks as though more of the family is joining in… Alexis has said “My Nano is doing good so far, as she carries on gaining […]

Ms T continuing to make a difference!

We like to add information about our past pupils and how they are getting on. Today, we add some information about a past member of staff. Ms T still keeps in touch and often brings her children to school, when shifts allow!“True change sometimes can be discovered through stepping out of your comfort zone. Never […]

Reception Red-Room on their broom…

The children were absolutely amazing today and showed the adults just how much progress they have made. We tried to use the Green Room to record our favourite part of a special story called Room on the Broom. The children showed lots of the Broad Heath values including teamwork, respect and perseverance. What was your […]

Tesco Community Grant-Please support BH

To vote, you will need to make a purchase within store of any value. You will receive one token per transaction and it’s not necessary to purchase a carrier bag in order to receive a token. In the highly unlikely event that voting is suspended in certain locations due to government guidelines, we will notify you […]

Reception 2022-Update

Good Morning Parents/Carers We wanted to thank you for working with us to help the children become more independent. From Tuesday 4th January 2022, we would like the Reception children to walk through the gates without parents/carers. There will be Reception staff on duty to walk the children to their classes. Have a wonderful time […]