Year 2 SMSC-The Lost Sheep

This week Year 2 continued their learning about Sacred books in SMSC. We talked about the parable of The Lost Sheep.

The children then retold the parable. Please take a look at the clips below:

2 Blue-The Lost Sheep
2 Red-The Lost Sheep
2 White-The Lost Sheep

1. What is a parable?
2. How many sheep did the shepherd have?
3. What is the moral of the parable?

11 thoughts on “Year 2 SMSC-The Lost Sheep

    • The lost sheep boy lost his sheep and he got 99 sheeps left and then he found the sheep and they had a sheep party and everyone was happy.

  1. In the story the shepherd had 100 sheep and treated them nicely.
    A parable is a story. It also means moral.
    The parable in this story is that everyone is important or precious.

  2. Wow Year 2 & Mrs RK, I really enjoyed watching each classes interpretation of
    ‘The Lost Sheep’ You were all brilliant!
    I hope to see lots of comments on here.

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